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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
18512926181531376366744385Andrew A HetheringtonBanyule2020/2021G2 Grade1 1Lower Eltham
276393181531376364835076*Lucas A WilloughbyBanyule2020/2021C Grade2 1Eltham
3753019151531376364526175*Joel CrookBanyule2020/2021Barclay Shield2 1Riverside
47210980871531376366737872Matthew C LewisBanyule2020/2021G1 Grade1 1Mernda
5599708221531376366744359Marcus J JonesBanyule2020/2021G2 Grade1 1Lower Eltham
6591669931531376364835059*Ryan A MalcolmBanyule2020/2021C Grade2 1Eltham
75370851531376364805153Ryan C BatchelderBanyule2020/2021B Grade2 1Riverside
8539708221531376368239253*Marcus J JonesBanyule2020/2021U16 Blue1 1Hurstbridge
9536897261531376368231453*Darcy D MillsBanyule/Heidelberg2020/2021U18 Teal1 1Dennis/NEW
1052392921531376364525552Brent L O'Connor SnrBanyule2020/2021Barclay Shield1 1Epping
115170851531376364804751Ryan C BatchelderBanyule2020/2021B Grade1 1Epping
125010739381531376368231450*Stephen HannahBanyule/Heidelberg2020/2021U18 Teal1 1Dennis/NEW
13507916151531376368231750*Ayush A SimonBanyule/Heidelberg2020/2021U18 Teal2 1Whittlesea
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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